Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Garden

When I was a child we had some family friends who had a huge stretch of raspberry bushes in their back yard. I always remember going over and picking bowl fulls of raspberries. I've always wanted to have a lot of raspberry bushes and this year I finally started growing some. My friend Terry gave me a few of her bushes and I got a few suckling from our family farm. Only the one was actually big enough to grow any raspberries this year.

I actually kinda forgot to keep an eye on them for their berry progress. When I went out today I found most of them a little over ripe. But I did get a small bowl and they were delicious.

My one Hosta has started blooming. I wasn't sure if it was going to this year.

My Sweet Peas are also finally blooming.

The rest of the garden is still looking pretty good.

Except for my Pansies which are looking very sad. There looked so beautiful up untill a few weeks ago.

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