Sunday, 20 September 2015

A Clearing

  We were pretty excited to check out our lot this weekend to see how it would look with the trees cleared out. We are really happy with how its looking so far. The majority of the trees have been cleared. 

  There are just a few trees and bushes at the back of the lot left to be cut down. The gentleman doing the clearing for us wanted to go over what we wanted clearing at the back to make sure we we're all on the same page before finishing up. We have a barb wire fence running through the middle of the lot that also needs to be removed. When thats all done we have to clear out the branches and a few rocks that are in the driveway. 

  We brought out a firepit this weekend and temporarily set it up by the trailer. 

  We've been back and forth discussing what to build on the land. Should we buy a pre-fab cabin or build from scratch. We've been to visit several home builders to see what they have to offer. We even looked at converting a pre-fab barn into a cabin. 

  Yesterday I would have said we'd were going with a pre-fab. Today we've changed our mind back to building an a-frame from scratch. Tomorrow we may change our mind again. We're waiting to get a few quotes from one more place before we decide. 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Land Owners

  We officially own the land now.  There are so many things to do and many permits to get. Development permit, RV placement permit, sewage for the RV permit, and electrical permit. 

  We hired the land surveyor to mark the property lines and hired someone to clear the trees. The electrical panel is in but no power until we receive the site id from the powerline company and then we can contact the power company to have the meter installed.

  We purchased a 26 foot fifh wheel rv to stay in while we build 

  Last weekend we winterized the rv and marked out the driveway and the inner area where we want the trees cleared out. 

  Hopefully when the trees are cleared we'll have a great view of the valley

Monday, 7 September 2015

A Piece of Land

  Wow long time no post. Life has been busy. We have two little girls so blogging has taken a back seat to spending time with them

  For a long time now my husband and I have been talking over buying an acreage.  Should we buy a raw piece of land or buy something already developed and ready to move in. One of the main considerations for us is location. Close enough to the city for my husband to drive in to work and for us to have access to amenities as well as for taking the girls to activities. A huge factor is the bad roads in the winter making for a longer drive. The farther away it is though the better bang for your buck. 

Recently we saw the perfect property. A beautiful house with just the right size of land for the right price. Everything we wanted to do to a property but already done for us. The only problem was the MLS listing showed us that it was close by and in reality it was an hour and a half away in good driving conditions. 

For some reason that I can't even remember I started looking at cabins for sale nearby. Most that I looked at in our price range were very old and would have needed quite a bit of work. We found a perfect one with lots of rooms and a huge living space. On paper it looked great and would only require a little cosmetic work. A huge bonus was it was near family so we'd have them to visit and spend time with. In reality it was a tear down. It was soggy inside and the roof was sagging.

  While looking at that property we also spotted some small raw pieces of land for sale. We drove up north one weekend to check out several different places. We fell in love with the first lot we saw. It had a beautiful view of a valley out the back and that sold it for us. 

Front of the lot 
View out the back

  So we bought it and we've ended up with the best of both worlds. We have the amenities of the city during the week and country living on the weekend.