Sunday, 20 September 2015

A Clearing

  We were pretty excited to check out our lot this weekend to see how it would look with the trees cleared out. We are really happy with how its looking so far. The majority of the trees have been cleared. 

  There are just a few trees and bushes at the back of the lot left to be cut down. The gentleman doing the clearing for us wanted to go over what we wanted clearing at the back to make sure we we're all on the same page before finishing up. We have a barb wire fence running through the middle of the lot that also needs to be removed. When thats all done we have to clear out the branches and a few rocks that are in the driveway. 

  We brought out a firepit this weekend and temporarily set it up by the trailer. 

  We've been back and forth discussing what to build on the land. Should we buy a pre-fab cabin or build from scratch. We've been to visit several home builders to see what they have to offer. We even looked at converting a pre-fab barn into a cabin. 

  Yesterday I would have said we'd were going with a pre-fab. Today we've changed our mind back to building an a-frame from scratch. Tomorrow we may change our mind again. We're waiting to get a few quotes from one more place before we decide. 

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