Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sewing Room

When we were looking to buy a new home one of my top wants was a sewing room, not just a small second bedroom that could be turned into a sewing room, but a bonus room or a spacious basement area that could be used without sacrificing room for guests or a gym. We lucked out finding a home with a third floor that has a bonus room plus an extra spare bedroom.

My former craft room was a small second bedroom. I never actually crafted in it, it really just held all my supplies which also overflowed into the other spare room. I did most of my work at the dining room table as it had a nice view of the TV for entertainment while working. I was a little worried when construction was under way that maybe the room would be too small but everything fit in nicely.

One of my must haves was a big cutting table. No more laying out fabric across my living and dining room floor. I have two Ikea desk table tops that are 60" by 30" so pushed together they form a nice big square, perfect for laying out fabric that's 60" wide. I got adjustable legs also from Ikea to raise it to the proper height so i'm not hurting my back leaning over it. I have two dressers underneath for storing fabric and costume accesories. Also many totes to store more fabric, hats and wigs.

I have two more table tops and adjustable legs the same as the cutting table but much lower for sewing at. The nice thing with these is when I'm hosting costume day with my friends they can be pulled out and turned around to make a big square or to have as two seperate tables to make more room for everyone to have a space to work.

On the opposite side of the room there's a couch and another smaller work space for my husband or when friends are over sewing.

I keep all my patterns underneath the coffee table, the boxes I store them in fit perfectly.


  1. I love your crafts room! I have been thinking about making one for myself, but I'm afraid that I would spend too much time there instead of somewhere were I can at least chat with someone (even if it's just the dog ;-)

  2. lol thanks, thats the beauty of the couch, my husband hangs out with me there all the time :)