Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Yellow summer dress

When I first got on my dress making kick I really wanted to make an Infinity dress. I'd seen a lot of how to's on Pinterest and thought it looked very easy to do.

I found some beautiful yellow jersey knit, I got 5 meters for $10 total. I followed the directions and quickly came to a snag. The instructions said to cut out the waist of the circle skirt to your exact waist measurement, huge mistake, my jersey had tons of stretch to it and it was way too big, I had to take it in to half my waist measurement to fit properly. My fabric was very see through so I doubled it for the skirt, silly me didn't think to double to straps that wrap around to create the different styles, needless to say that wasn't good. I fixed the dress and made it work but overall I was dissapointed with the outcome. It was a lot of fabric, it didn't pack well for travelling, I couldn't wear it to work because it didn't cover your shoulders and back properly, so I decided to revamp it.

I removed the long straps for wrapping. I used the same top pattern seen here and I thankfully still had enough fabric left over from the first time around to make a new top and double the fabric. I kept the waistband on the skirt from the original dress and just sewed the top to the waistband. I chose not to hem the bottom of the dress as the jersey knit doesn't fray and it gives it a clean look.

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