Sunday, 1 July 2012

Costume Day

We had a costume day this weekend to work on Mass Effect 3 armour. A friend scaled the pattern to everyones sizes. I printed all the pieces out. Laid them out to all be taped together to form the pattern. Then cut them all out.

I got a lot of floor tiles from Walmart to make the armour out of. It has the same texture already on it that the armour needs. My friends have used between 4-6 packages when making theirs.

I traced my patterns out onto the floor tiles with a sharpie on the back smooth side of the tile. I made sure to label the back of each piece so later on i'd know what it was.

After all the patterns were traced out, they were then cut out using my new favourite tool, a creative versa-tool with the hotknife point. A utility knife also works really well for cutting them if you don't have a Hotknife.

After all the pieces are cut out I cleaned up the edges using a dremel with a disc sander. I used it to also softened up the top edges on each piece and round it out a bit. Make sure to wear a dust mask when doing this, it makes a huge mess.

That's as far as I got on day 1. More construction to follow.

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