Friday, 13 July 2012

Pan Am Costume

A group of friends decided to make Pan Am costumes for Dragoncon this year and I decided to join in. My friend Angela and I went with this fabric, it had a nice weight and we liked the colour. For the blouse we got white sheeting fabric from Fabricland. It had a really nice weight and feel to it and wasn't see through. It matched Angela's Pan Am bag pretty close. We ended up using three different patterns to make the whole outfit. We used Simplicity 2154 for the skirt.

Mccalls 6169 for the body of the jacket and the blouse.
 McCalls 5668 for the sleeves.

I was really happy with the pattern choices, very easy to use and go together and it fit well. I also drafted up some triangles to add on for the pockets. There are also supposed to be triangles on the sleeves but I never noticed them till after I had completed my outfit and decided not to add them on.

We picked out buttons at our local Fabricland that were as close as we could find to the TV show.

The hat was a little tricky. I used this pattern from ABC as a base, the top of the hat worked pretty well but i had to adjust the main brim section and tab till it was the right dimensions and I was happy with it. It took some fiddling but I finally came up with a pattern I was happy with.

The top of the hat has a seam running down the centre like the show. I edged the hat in the same fabric as the blouse. The Pan Am pin is from Amazon. I spray painted it gold. Its a little on the small side but its the closest we could find.

For the shoes I went with black heels from a local shoe store, and the gloves are ones I already had. I didn't go with a bag for my outfit but they are easy to find on line if you want one.

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