Thursday, 5 July 2012

Workbench From Reclaimed Wood

Part of the plans for building a garage was to put in a work bench. We built it the length of the back wall of the garage. There were a few things we wanted to incorporate into it. We wanted it high enough for the tool box and the air compressor to fit underneath. We also wanted a few cubby's /drawers to store things in, as well as a shelf underneath for additional storage.

We built the bench using reclaimed lumber that we salvaged from crates and pallets. We started with the frame for the top of the bench. We put five 2x4 pieces coming out from the back of the top to create drawers under the top of the bench. We made the mistake of not calculating where our seam for the plywood that would be the top of bench would go. So after it was all together we had to pull out the middle drawer 2x4 and move it to support the seam.

We put bracing in each corner to help square the bench up.

Then we put the base of the cubby holes on.

Next we put bracing the length of the wall to support the back of the bench. We left the middle bracing off till then bench was up because it needed to be lower to due the plywood on the bottom of the cubby holes.

Next the legs were attached and the bench flipped over and attached to the wall.

We put a bracing on the front under the cubby holes to support them.

Then the counter top was put on using plywood.

The bench was made completely from reclaimed wood so it didn't cost a thing. We did buy the peg boards and hooks for it.


  1. wow you guys are handy! thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. That's so cool, you guys! If I ever showed that to my husband and asked him to make one for me, too, he would totally hide my laptop for the rest of my life! ;-)

  3. this is amazing :)
    great post!

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